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After taking this course you will be able to leverage POSITIVE accountability to turn your current team into a high-performing team. You will understand how to create an accountability-based team or organizational culture and how to clarify goals and expectations to ensure results.

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Course Description

If you are a leader and want to build a high performing team, increase productivity, and introduce a culture of accountability into your workplace, then this course was designed with you in mind.

You shouldn’t have to hold your employees hands to ensure the job gets done, but you also don’t want to be a helicopter boss and micromanage your team into oblivion.

What if I were to let you in on a little secret: accountability is the most potent tool at your disposal to turn around dysfunctional teams, build cohesive environments, and motivate your employees.

Accountability doesn’t mean holding people accountable for doing things right all of the time. Instead, it means actively involving people in decisions that affect them, supporting their goals with clear expectations and personal accountability.

Accountability is the process of helping people succeed.

This course will help you develop the skills you need to lead and motivate your team, set clear expectations, and create a culture of accountability. You’ll learn how to communicate with your employees so that they know what is expected from them in their role as well as how to recognize when someone needs a little extra training or support.

After taking this course you will be able to leverage POSITIVE accountability to turn your current team into a high-performing team. You will understand how to create an accountability-based team or organizational culture and how to clarify goals and expectations to ensure results.


Additionally, you’ll be able to answer questions such as:

This course will answer these questions and provide proven, practical, and actionable steps to create an accountability culture with the team you currently have.

Additionally, this course investigates both the role of character and personal responsibility in leadership and the leader’s ability to cultivate personal responsibility in others.

About the Instructors

David a husband, father and the principal of Arrington Coaching. He and his team work with leaders, teams, organizations, and entrepreneurs. He regularly speaks and writes on leadership development, team alignment, and peak performance. David has over 15 years of executive coaching experience and a doctorate in strategic leadership. He's just authored his first book: Promotable.
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by Nicholas (Nick) Chiles June 28, 2022

I love these courses because they are so informative. The only negative part is that I can’t spend more time on them. Thanks David!

by Brandi Ridky June 28, 2022

Eye opening course, I recommend it to all. I’ll be utilizing what I learned on a daily basis.

by Jamie Claflin June 26, 2022

The contents of this course will resonate with anyone on a Team, no matter what the individual motivation level is.

by Oswaldo (Chacha) Chacha April 14, 2022

This course will provide an insight into accountability that will help you grow your team and help your people succeed

by Darren Spies April 12, 2022

I thought this was a well laid out course packed with great information to better define and shift ACCOUNTABILITY from a negative topic to a positive attribute and orients a team towards achieving success. Dr. Arrington presents the information well & keeps things interesting. Thanks!

One person found this helpful
by Monica Hernandez April 12, 2022

I wasn’t sure going into the the course what to expect, and I wasn’t expecting to respond well to this teaching method. I am pleasently surprised at how well done the course broke down the topics, and helped me to buy-in to the concept. Look forward to future courses with Arrington Training!

One person found this helpful
by Joccelyn Coleman April 11, 2022

Very informative and insightful. Dr. Arrington’s course changed my view on accountability as a whole and now I definitely see it as a tool for success. Can’t wait to apply them further into my work life. Highly recommend for leaders, current and future, at all levels!

One person found this helpful
by Sigrid Layne April 11, 2022

This is an excellent leadership course! It encompasses every leadership course that I have taken, and explains everything so that it is very easy to understand. It was great to learn the difference between goals, tasks, and to do lists and the difference between goals and wishes. I am looking forward to reading Dr. Arrington’s books as a follow up.

One person found this helpful
by Janice Harvey April 11, 2022

The emphasis on accountability being a positive tool is one every person should learn. This course is very well done and I highly recommend it for all managers.

One person found this helpful
by Christopher Cooper April 11, 2022

Cant beat a common sense approach to accountability.

One person found this helpful
by Ronald (Ron) Howard April 10, 2022

This course is easily digestible and offers practical solutions for leaders and team members alike. The picture in picture format adds a great personal touch to the lessons. I’m gained a list of tips, tools, and techniques to better address accountability.

One person found this helpful
by Curtis Johnson April 10, 2022

I think this was a great course with a lot of insight and wisdom for all leaders. The lessons provided a lot of practical information on how to deal with situations we deal with on a daily basis. I believe the tools and information provided will help me become a better Team member and Leader. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in becoming a better leader.

One person found this helpful
by Fernando Ferrer-Garcia April 10, 2022

As someone who considers being accountable as the one of the biggest steps toward success, Dr. Arrington’s course on What is Positive Accountability gives you a complete take on what it is, how it’s employed effectively, and how it can/will lead yourself and your team to success. I really enjoyed this course and would recommend to all my peers. I’m grateful to have been able to take this course and look forward to the next!!

One person found this helpful
by Katherine Reznicek April 10, 2022

This course was extremely well crafted and engagingly delivered. It led the students through new ideas and new ways of thinking about old ideas. There are so many takeaways and useful tips it is hard to focus this review on one. Well done!

One person found this helpful
by Kelly Flynn April 9, 2022

This course provides practical accountability methods you can implement immediately. David presents the information in a clear, informative, and fun way!

One person found this helpful
by William (Bill) Capozzoli April 6, 2022

The course is very informative and interesting! Dr. Arrington does a great job of breaking down the different areas of accountability, what these entail, how to implement and what to expect along the way. He shows a great understanding of the material and kept the course interesting with examples and side discussions on different aspects.

One person found this helpful
by Dustin McCullough April 1, 2022

The course is worthwhile. There are tools and relevant perspectives for all levels of leadership. I appreciate the enthusiasm of Dr. Arrington.

One person found this helpful
by Harold Kang August 29, 2021

This was a refreshing course on accountability and how to instill accountability for your team. He delivers insightful information and honest truth on how accountability works in teams in easy digestible 30-minute modules. Highly recommended!

One person found this helpful
by Nicole Dees August 25, 2021

This is a great course, I feel every leader should take this. We are lacking in accountability in some areas of my job. I have learned some helpful tools that will empower me to be a better leader and I can mentor my team to learn these skills as well. Glad I had the opportunity to take this class. Highly recommend!!

One person found this helpful
by Chadwick Doub August 24, 2021

Dr Arrington provides a helpful overview of accountability and the importance of accountability as a leader.
Dr Arrington is a charismatic presenter that will keep you engaged in the content of the training. and accountability is very important for new and upcoming leaders.

One person found this helpful