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Leading Organizational Change That Lasts will empower your leaders with the skills they need succeed in today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing business environment. 

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Change leadership is essential in today’s environment and a reality for organizations seeking to retain competitive advantages. This course investigates the leader’s role as a change agent and provides instruction on leading people, teams, and organizations through the change process. 

Leading Organizational Change That Lasts provides a practical organizational change management approach that empowers leaders with the skills they need to help their team members adjust to and embrace change in the workplace more efficiently and effectively. 

This course shares organizational change best practices that will help leaders understand the impacts of change and create a culture that is more aware of and responsive to change.

Organizational change is difficult in the best circumstances. Many of the change-related obstacles that leaders and teams face during a workplace change effort are self-inflicted. What if you could avoid those obstacles and create a culture that is not only change aware but responsive to change?

Leading change is a specific skill set. It’s a safe assumption that organizational change is the new constant and will only increase in frequency and scope. 

Is your organization agile enough and are your leaders skilled enough to navigate today’s change and tomorrow’s uncertainty? How well will your leaders adapt to industry, societal, and/or regulatory changes expected and unexpected? How well will your leaders function in an environment of rapid and non-stop change? 

As organizations’ needs change, so must the skill sets of their employees. You can’t afford to hope your leaders can lead workplace change efforts effectively. Instead, provide your leaders with the skills they need to lead in tomorrow’s rapidly changing world. 

Whether you are a leader, supervisor, manager, executive, or business owner managing change in the workplace, Leading Organizational Change that Lasts is the one course you cannot afford to miss.

About the Instructors

David a husband, father and the principal of Arrington Coaching. He and his team work with leaders, teams, organizations, and entrepreneurs. He regularly speaks and writes on leadership development, team alignment, and peak performance. David has over 15 years of executive coaching experience and a doctorate in strategic leadership. He's just authored his first book: Promotable.
5 3 Reviews


by Phillip Martin November 28, 2022

The class takes the topic, Leading Change that Lasts, and explains the “Why”, gives you steps to show you the “How”. I like to use the class material to review/refine my own processes at work and this was one of the better ones. Thanks.

by Gary Choplin February 23, 2022

In a world where business is constantly changing this course prepares you to not just accept change but to lead change. Change is not a task but an emotional process..

by Jennifer Boughton February 14, 2022

Change is constant so this course is very relevant. Good notes and info on managing, influencing, and embracing change.