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Coaching Skills for Leaders will help to create organizational bench strength, increase retention rates, productivity, and morale.

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Imagine a work environment where your employees feel fully supported, engaged, and empowered to unleash their true potential. With Coaching Skills for Leaders, our exclusive leadership coaching program, you’ll gain the expertise to create such a workplace—a place where productivity soars, creativity flourishes, and innovation becomes the norm. By investing in coaching for leaders, you’ll tap into the secret to unlocking your team’s unparalleled performance.

Unlock the true power of leadership coaching and revolutionize your leadership approach with our comprehensive Coaching Skills for Leaders Program. Discover the transformative potential of coaching for leaders. This program is your gateway to becoming a capable and trusted leader, equipped with the essential skills to navigate complex challenges, identify blind spots, and instill unwavering confidence through effective leadership coaching strategies.

Say goodbye to stress and communication breakdowns, and say hello to a positive and thriving work culture. Our program places a strong emphasis on reducing stress levels and fostering effective communication among team members through leadership coaching techniques. With these invaluable coaching skills, you’ll build a harmonious and collaborative environment that fuels happiness, engagement, and unparalleled success in leadership.

At the core of our program lies the understanding that every individual is unique, with different needs and aspirations. By embracing the diversity of your team and adopting a coaching mindset, you’ll learn how to tailor your leadership approach to each person, providing personalized support that brings out their best. Witness the incredible impact of this tailored leadership coaching as your team members flourish and exceed expectations.

Reconnecting with disengaged employees is no longer an insurmountable challenge. Our Coaching Skills for Leaders Program equips you with specialized skills and techniques needed to inspire and reignite passion in disengaged team members through effective leadership coaching. Watch as their motivation soars, negative behaviors dissolve, and their commitment to the organization is reignited through impactful leadership coaching.

Organizational coaching is more than just a buzzword—it’s a proven strategy for success. Experience the practical realities of coaching within organizations and witness firsthand the tremendous results it can bring. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your leadership approach through effective leadership coaching and create a thriving, growth-oriented culture within your organization.

Enroll in our Coaching Skills for Leaders Program today or reach out to explore tailored pricing options for your organization. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your leadership through impactful leadership coaching and pave the way for unprecedented success and achievement.

About the Instructors

David a husband, father and the principal of Arrington Coaching. He and his team work with leaders, teams, organizations, and entrepreneurs. He regularly speaks and writes on leadership development, team alignment, and peak performance. David has over 15 years of executive coaching experience and a doctorate in strategic leadership. He's just authored his first book: Promotable.
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5 24 Reviews


by Diana Rivera August 28, 2023

Always stellar information, real world examples, enthusiastic delivery, techniques that are practical and results driven!!! Thank you Dr. Arrington!!!

by ********o August 25, 2023

Excellent information

by Malissa Burns August 17, 2023

As a team lead, I can see that this will benefit my staff and myself enormously. I really appreciate the questions list and am eager to start 1 on 1s and make them productive. Great class.

by John McGraw August 16, 2023

There’s a difference in being the boss or in charge and being a leader…they are NOT the same. This helps those who may not understand the difference…understand the difference!!

by Phillip Martin January 17, 2023

It could be the time in the course were it is all coming together but this was the best course so far. Just like the NFL, great teams develop throughout the season, players reach their full potential and Coaching allows that to happen.

One person found this helpful
by Tomas Carlos January 13, 2023

Behind the organizational culture course, this is the most practical course in this series. It provides practical and effective strategies for use in our ca=arching development process. Coaching has always had an intimidating aspect for me, but this course has given me new insights and techniques I believe I will try an implement right immediately.

One person found this helpful
by Kristin Burns September 11, 2022

Highlights the objectives to true leadership versus just being in charge!

One person found this helpful
by Jesus Brito July 28, 2022

Learned a couple of great practical insights directly applicable to my organization, e.g. understanding the difference between mentoring, life coaching, counseling, therapy and coaching applicable to our organizational goals essential for me to provide an employee with an appropriate referral in instances that an employee requires expertise outside of my knowledge, skills or abilities in order to become a high performing member of the organization wherever that may be. The approximately 38 minute modules make for better grasping and testing ones comprehension in the quizzes built into the computer based training while still affording a live streamed kick-off and close out sessions to share thoughts, perspectives and major takeaways.

2 people found this helpful
by ********a July 27, 2022

Great information, look forward to putting it into practice.

One person found this helpful
by Joccelyn Coleman July 26, 2022

Great course, recommend to all. Provides great content and insight to assist all leaders with coaching.

One person found this helpful
by ********m July 25, 2022

The course is full of great information and knowledge on how to be an effective coach in this new virtual/in person environment. I look forward to using these coaching/leadership techniques in my new assignment.

One person found this helpful
by Oswaldo (Chacha) Chacha July 22, 2022

Highly recommend this course. The course is informative, insightful and very well laid out.

One person found this helpful
by Oswaldo (Chacha) Chacha July 22, 2022

Highly recommend this course. The course is informative, insightful and very well laid out.

One person found this helpful
by William (Bill) Capozzoli July 20, 2022

The Coaching Skills for Leaders course is a very good and informative series of sessions which help to show what is involved with coaching and the different aspects of it to include about Active Listening and Asking Questions to help bring out the best in people and overcome obstacles being faced. The need to share insights, encourage your employees and clarify the next steps in their process is so useful in several aspects of good leadership. Dr. Arrington pointed out about how to develop your own style of coaching using several different methods out there and most importantly to be patient as this will not happen overnight.

One person found this helpful
by Sigrid Layne July 15, 2022

I highly recommend that supervisors take this course! Supervisors and managers should be actively coaching their employees and/or teams to ensure that they have high performing teams that are motivated and happy and completing tasks in a timely manner. Otherwise, employees may be under performing or unhappy and could be forced to leave or choose to leave for another job, which could leave the team short handed. I think that using the weekly group meetings or 1 on 1 meetings as formal coaching sessions is a great idea to bring underperforming employees up to speed and encourage high performing employees to keep up the good work. And supervisors should practice active listening during these meetings and not do all of the talking and then wait until the end to ask if there are any questions. So thank you, the course was very informative!

One person found this helpful
by Brandi Ridky May 2, 2022

Coaching Skills for Leaders was an exceptional course. This course was relatable on a personal and professional level, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills.

One person found this helpful
by Karin (Jo) Sholtis May 2, 2022

I really appreciated the deal world examples of all the different situations that might be encountered when coaching. I find it difficult to engage with someone who is uninterested or unwilling to initially participate. The practical techniques of how to engage someone despite those circumstances were very relevant and feasible. Also, I love the term “mlrale vampire”.

One person found this helpful
by Phillip Makely May 2, 2022

Makes the case that coaching is a key skill for truly effective leaders. The course contains multiple essential coaching elements, methods, explanations, and insightful tips for continuous development of personal coaching skills. I highly recommend it!

One person found this helpful
by Wanda Pomatto May 2, 2022

The skills taught in this course are not only useful when coaching, but also when interacting in any relationship. By biggest takeaway was the importance of Active Listening. Would recommend this course to anyone wishing to improve their communication skills!

One person found this helpful
by Jamie Claflin May 1, 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed the reminders on how important coaching techniques are to effective leadership. Appreciated the emphasis on active listening and guiding individuals to their own solution vice telling how to resolve the issue.

One person found this helpful
by Dillon Brendhan April 29, 2022

The concepts / techniques provided in these lessons can be applied to more than just in your professional life and serve as a good reminder when dealing with daily and personal life as well.

One person found this helpful
by Nicholas (Nick) Chiles April 26, 2022

This course was very informative. My biggest takeaway was to focus on active listening from now on. Thanks Arrington Coaching!

One person found this helpful
by Anthony Fennell April 25, 2022

This was a great course and I will recommend it to everyone.

One person found this helpful
by Ernesto (Ernest) Staples April 19, 2022

David Arrington is a very insightful and professional Leadership Coach. His Leadership methodologies can be easily be applied to a manager’s daily workforce operations in order to augment their teams performance and production. Additionally, his Leadership techniques and logical processes are complementary to the skills that many managers already have acquired. I highly recommend taking one of his courses.

One person found this helpful