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So you’re leading a virtual team, whether it’s a new position, it’s downsizing, outsourcing, or even a global pandemic. You are now in charge of getting results through a team that is located everywhere, but nowhere near you. If you want to learn how to get results with that team, stick around.

Hi, my name is Dr. David Arrington. I’m an executive coach and I’m a leadership trainer and over this week, I’m going to do a five-part series on leading virtual teams. So if that’s what you’re interested in, you’re in the right place. We’re starting today with expectations because setting expectations on a virtual team is critical. The first expectation you need to set is with yourself.

You need to get clear that one this is going to feel a little bit out of control because you can’t see your team face to face. You can’t get in your daily huddles the way you usually would, so it’s going to feel a little bit out of control.

Two, you need to expect that there’s going to be miscommunication and misunderstanding because it is going to be a function of the way your team is set out.

But you also need to expect that three, your team will gel if you lead from a place of trust and empowerment versus a place of mistrust and micromanaging.

So those are the expectations you need to have.

Now let’s talk about your team. You need to set the expectation, the high expectation that you expect excellence from your team, no matter where they are because they’re competent, capable, and they’re professionals.

You want to let them know that you believe in their ability to perform and get results no matter where they are and to the expectation needs to be set.

And you need to be very clear about this, that you are still a resource. While you may not be physically in reach and uh, just a walk down the hallway, you want to set the expectation that you are available, that you are there to help.

If you really want to become an outstanding, amazing, awesome leader, you want to grab our ultimate leadership checklist. It is linked in the comments and description below, and it will speed you on your way to becoming that awesome leader.

Between now and the next time.
Make today count.

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