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Hello, and welcome to presenting LIKE A BOSS the welcome session. What I want to do in this video in this short engagement is just get you ready to succeed as you go through this course, to make sure that you know exactly what you need to know to be awesome. And to present like a boss in business meetings large and small. So let’s jump in.

Let’s jump in. I generally start with a quick 45 second introduction on myself, because it’s important that you know who’s presenting to you who’s training you on this, why can this guy do it? And you know, I can listen to anybody Of course, you could. So let me give you a little bit of my background. I’ve been a network engineer, a worldwide recruiting manager and entrepreneur, a pastor, a speaker and author and executive coach, a trainer, I have a doctorate in strategic leadership. And last but absolutely not least, I am a father and a husband. Oh, I was gonna say husband, and a father of three, almost a father and a husband of three, which that would not be correct. So I am a husband, and a father of three. I am the founder and CEO of Arrington, coaching, and Arrington training, I have well over 15 years of executive coaching experience, I’ve got well over 20 years of professional speaking experience. I’ve worked with dozens of CEOs, executives, leadership teams, and organizations, and the legal real estate, nonprofit communication, shipbuilding, construction, and other industries, because those are just to name a few.

And what this has done is given me a very unique perspective on leadership, and as that pertains to speaking, which we’re going to make that connection during the course. But what I want to make sure you understand is that this is the this is the background that I spring from. So I’ve been in a number of different environments. I’ve heard great talks, I’ve heard terrible talks, I’ve given great talks, and I’ve given terrible talks. So I am ready, able and willing to help you avoid some of my mistakes and some of the mistakes I’ve seen others make. So in this session, what I really want to do is three simple things. One, introduce myself, hey, oh, to know when to let you know how to get the most out of this course. And three, I want to acclimate you to how the course is structured, let’s keep going. So my goal for this course is simple, I have a single goal for this entire course, is to help you become a more competent, capable and effective communicator in meetings large and small. Seriously, that’s all I want to do.

Which brings me to the scope of this course, there’s so much out there that I could have shared and I omitted, and you’re going to learn that in this course as well. But I wanted to make sure that I gave you the absolute necessities to effectively communicate in business settings to groups, whether they’re your team meetings, or whether you’re giving a shareholder meeting in front of and maybe not so friendly audience, right. So I want to make sure that you’re prepared, whether you’re speaking at a conference or speaking to your team that you are able to do that. So with that said, I didn’t approach this like it’s a, you know, a freshman, public speaking 101 course, what I did was I cut straight to what you need to be effective. And of course, we start with the fear factor. So let’s get into the what we actually covered. So, in lesson one we covered from fearful to fantastic from fearful to fantastic. We talk about avoiding common mistakes, we ask a question, what’s the big idea in lesson three? A lesson four, we talked about introductions and outlines. In lesson five, we asked what will they remember, in lesson six we ask is practice overrated. In lesson seven, we look at game time when you actually have to present.

And in lesson eight, we put it all together. So here’s how you use this course. One, ask questions in the comments below the videos, please, if you’ve got a question, if you’ve got a comment, drop it in there, someone, myself or someone from my team will respond to your questions. And your comments, too. There are quizzes. That’s right people, there are quizzes. But those quizzes are designed to reinforce learning, they’re not designed to beat you up, right. And then number three, this is a biggie for this course, there are assignments you have to turn in. So you want to get on those because some of those assignments won’t let you move on until you turn them in. I take that back. I don’t think any of them will let you move on until you turn them in. So you want to turn in your assignments and get ahead of this because like I explained, I was I was talking to a colleague, I said, I could have just done this as all you know me in the camera, but here’s the thing about speaking it’s something like riding a bike. I can talk to you about riding a bike all day. But the theory of riding a bike and the practice of riding a bike are two different things.

So when you get on that bike, it’s a whole lot different than understanding. It has wheels and a chain and all that good stuff in handlebars and a seat, just like that public speaking, requires you to actually do it to improve. So you will be presenting in this course, a recorded presentation that I’m going to take a look at and give you some critiques and feedback, I’m not gonna beat you up. What I’m going to do is say, okay, think about this, do this. But that’s also part of this course. So you want to make sure that you get your assignments in. Because again, my goal is to make you effective, capable, in any situation when it comes to public speaking. So remember, the assignments are necessary. And the only way you can learn how to speak by speaking, right. So at the end, you’re going to earn a certificate of completion that you’ll be able to download immediately and print off any materials or handouts, like the bibliography or the slide handouts, they will be in the lesson. When you’re on the lesson page, it’ll be right above the video, there’ll be a little tab that says materials and you’ll be able to download them right from there. This is a no stress environment. And I really stress the no stress environment part of it, I want you to enjoy this at your pace.

At your schedule, I want you to understand that you can do this course pretty much anywhere in we’ve created it in such a way that you can rewind it and watch it again, if there’s something that you’re not clear about. You can listen to it like a podcast, because we’ve provided just the audio, you can speed it up and slow it down, I talk sometimes kind of fast, so you may not need to speed me up. But if you need to slow me down, you can do that too. You can have it on in the background. So there are parts where you can just listen. And at the end, you’ll get an assignment where you have to actually put those elements that we talked about into practice, you can listen or watch on your cell phone wherever you are in the world, right. If you have an internet connection, you can connect to this course. And then, of course, you can always listen to it at the gym or on your commute. Because I want you to enjoy the process. I’ve taught enough classes with enough executives, enough leaders to understand that time is precious. And you don’t want to take time away from what you’re doing at work to build your skills because you don’t want to come back to a dumpster fire at work. So cool, gotcha covered, you can do this course, this course will fit into the time you have any time of the day or night. And finally, once you’re in the course you will receive if you haven’t already, you’ll receive an email from Arrington training with your login credentials. And if you haven’t received it, check your spam folder because it will be in there. Let’s keep going. What’s next simple jump in get started, have fun, engage with group and learn to present like a B. o s to the s OES learn how to present LIKE A BOSS because that’s all this course is designed to do. Last but not least after the course. We’re going to provide you some additional resources.

There are some free courses on Arrington training comm there are a number of other courses on Arrington training comm if you enjoy our style, if you enjoy how we do things, by all means check out some of the other courses. Every five star review is appreciated as a small minority owned business we love five star reviews because you only you someone who’s going through the course can leave a five star review we do not gain the reviews here. Only people that have gone through the course can leave reviews. So your review definitely helps. And of course Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn say David.

I was in your presenting LIKE A BOSS course. And I will absolutely 100% always listen to you and connect with folks who are in my courses because we that way we can keep the conversation going. So here’s how to connect with me. I’m DMackArrington on LinkedIn. And you can always check us out at as well so I will see you in the course. But until then, make today count.

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The opening introduction on how to properly and confidently introduce yourself to an audience helped me. As a Leader and Minister I understand the importance of a proper introduction, and I learned from just this 9 minute introduction a better way of doing so. Cannot wait to dig into the rest of the training!

Dr. David Arrington (Administrator) September 22, 2021 at 3:17 am

Haha! I’m glad you found this so helpful. I’m sure you will get find the rest of the course enjoyable and enlightening as well.

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